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DayCo Roofing offers the following roofing and exterior services to Cypress, Katy, Tomball, Magnolia, and Bryan-College Station.


Roof Repair

Houston roof repairs are crucial to a long-lasting roof, especially when you think of repairs as a way to extend the lifespan of your roofing system. Repairs give us the chance to fix minor damage on your roof that would otherwise result in a premature roof replacement if left unaddressed. With our expert roof repair services, we can reinforce your existing structure and keep you safer for longer.


Roof Replacement

When it comes to Houston roof replacement, many homeowners are hesitant about spending the money when we suggest they should. However, it helps to view your roof not just as a bunch of shingles, but rather as a whole system that needs to be in top notch condition. When the (inevitable) time for roof replacement comes, we will tear down your current roofing and install a brand new system that will restore the safety your roof provides.


Gutter Replacement

In addition to your roof shingles, your gutters are the other component of your overall roofing system. While at times overlooked, it’s imperative that you keep your gutters in great condition. This is because their entire purpose is to collect precipitation and guide it off your roof and away from your siding, effectively protecting the structural integrity of your home. Roof gutters need to be maintained and are usually replaced when you get a roof replacement.


Siding & Exterior Painting

A beautiful exterior creates curb appeal, adds value to your house, and makes you all the happier calling it your home. We install various types of siding and, as a Sherwin Williams preferred contractor, we’ll expertly paint your siding to suit your tastes. On the other hand, if you are pleased with your current siding and it doesn’t need to be replaced, we can simply re-paint it for you with the utmost attention to detail.

Your Home is in Good Hands With DayCo Roofing

Your home is at the center of your life so, naturally, you want the best for it. DayCo Roofing is here to be your trusted contractor for every season of your life. If you’re ready to upgrade your home with much-needed roofing or exterior work, please contact us.


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DayCo Roofing serves homeowners in Greater Houston + Cypress, Tomball, Magnolia, and Bryan-College Station. As the contractor you can build a trusting relationship with, we prioritize your comfort and confidence and are proud to give back to our community. Whatever your roofing and home exterior needs are, we’ll take care of them.

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